COVID-19 vaccine reality or myth

More people are wary of a COVID-19 vaccine then ever before please read on to see why.

 According to a new Pew Research poll, just under half of U.S.

adults (49%) say they definitely won't get vaccinated when a

COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. Do you share this belief and talk about the reasons and the fears behind this media hype before the vaccine isn't being properly tested. Many people believe a vaccine won't actually stop the virus and that many governments are lying to the general public because they really don’t know how to stop it, and how it was created in the first place. The scientist whoever and whatever their nationalities will have you believe that they really don’t know where it came from perhaps hiding the real truth that it escaped from a government laboratory in wuhan? Is it a distrust of government interference in science, or a distrust in science in general? Whatever your reason, I think the subject is very much open and a long way from being resolved. In the mean time we are sitting at home without jobs, living on few savings people have and wondering what is truth and what is fiction.

I’m an airline pilot and was working until 31 march 2020. Up until this date I was operating 4 flights a day, 12 hours a day duty without a mask. All this was at the height of the pandemic. Was I lucky not contracting virus? I think so.

I will not take the vaccine if offered , and not fly, why you ask ? I distrust modern Day governments as they continually lie to you. From trump to Boris the spectrum of covid response with governments is appalling the same countries have the worst infection rates as evidence points to itself.

Distrust in science is equally damning as most scientist working are financed by large budget financed by you guessed it ,the governments. For me to have faith in vaccine will require longer time to evaluate it taking into account demographics of patient age the country whether second spike or not and assessing mutation of virus, side effects if worse then the disease itself. People should not be in a hurry take your time, to take the vaccine the tortoise is protected by the shell the hare is not.

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Thanks for having time to read and stay safe.

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